The STUFFED team is reimagining what nourishing community looks like during these difficult times. Please stay tuned as we adapt our programming.

STUFFED: Dinner and Dance is low tech, high visibility dance and performance platform that grew out of the desire to entertain and feed those that were hungry or needed to be lifted up after the financial crisis hit. Since 2011, STUFFED has been providing free food and performance to the public on a quarterly basis. The evening begins with a home-cooked meal, good vibes, and great people. Once the audience has indulged their bellies they can indulge their kinetic senses with a selection of tasty dance entertainment.

No cost, no catch, no proselytizing, no processed food.

Would you like to perform in STUFFED?

We are always looking for performance work that is innovative, charming, bold, serious, funny, and/or captivating to be a part of what has quickly become a delicious and popular performance event.  Work can be finished or in-process. Please contact us! Are you into playing games? Go to the mucza majana. There is the best offer for you!